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Shipping and returns policies

When adding products to the shopping cart, the system stores the selected references in the user's account, these products will remain in the cart until they cancel or make the payment, therefore these products will be available each time the user enters their account. user. CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS, will keep the prices of the selected products and placed in the shopping cart for a period of 24 hours. CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS, reserves the right to modify the prices of the products. For this, it will notify the date of said changes on the website It will be up to the client to verify the final invoiced value against the value of the quote related to his order. CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS will verify the order and the terms described in the format sent and will proceed to accept or deny it, either totally or partially. Once the order made by the client is known and its terms have been verified by CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS, the respective selected products and/or services will be shipped. CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS. It undertakes to make deliveries exclusively within Colombian territory, in the areas and places to which it has access according to its distribution network, and therefore may refuse to accept an order when the address registered by the customer to carry out the delivery, is not within the geographical areas authorized by CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS. For this purpose. The delivery of the products object of the order will be made at the address that the client prefers (without any cost within the national territory) the destination address will be confirmed before making the payment. The delivery period will be approximately seven (7) business days, counted from the date on which CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS. Accept the order, as long as the terms and conditions of payment have been verified in advance and there are no causes beyond the control of CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS. That could delay delivery, such as any act of God or force majeure. It is understood that any person who is at the address where the delivery must be made is duly authorized by the customer to receive his order, and therefore the delivery will be valid and with it CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS. will have complied with the obligations that it has acquired in this regard, being exonerated from any responsibility for the delivery that it will make, provided that it is made at the address that was provided by the client and registered on the Site. If no one receives the order at the indicated address, the carrier will contact the person who made the purchase, in order to specify a second delivery time. If on the second visit no one receives the order at the indicated address. The product will be taken to one of the carrier's delivery points in the city of destination of the product or service. The customer can pick up the product personally during business hours. Otherwise, if the correct communication with the client is not made or a delivery agreement is not reached, the products and/or services will be returned to CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS, and the client will be obliged to contact us at a maximum term of five (5) calendar days for us to proceed with its forwarding, in which case, the expenses generated by it, will be borne by the client, and until they are canceled, CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS. You will not be obliged to redo the dispatch. If the client does not proceed to request the reshipment within the indicated term, or does not pay the additional value for the reshipment within the established deadlines, CHSLL LEATHER GOODS SAS. may withdraw from the business, and will only be obliged to refund the amount paid for the products and/or services, discounting the value of the expenses incurred for transportation.  For all deliveries made, the person receiving the product must show an identity document and sign a delivery guide to the person in charge of taking your order.  

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